COVID-19 Response



According to the Governor, you do not need to be "essential" in order to access childcare. 

We recognize that sometimes the safest place for a child is in care.  There is stability in routine and socialization for children. We provide a clean, safe and stimulating place while you continue to take care of your family. 



An Apple A Daycare NY, Inc. has not closed during the crisis, nor have we experienced any interruption of care due to any of our clients being exposed. We maintain a core roster of children daily, with very low-risk of exposure, according to the CDC.  

 We are prepared to accept and assist school aged children. 

Temporary contract are available for Birth-Age 12.

Our COVID-19 rates start at $5 for full time care.

We accept CARES ACT Childcare Scholarships and DSS Funds. We can assist you with these applications if you need help affording care at this time. 



In order to ensure the safety of our clients and their families, we are following the CDC regulations regarding healthcare checks and daily cleaning requirements.  We have installed hand sanitizer stations for the adults, strictly enforce our medical exclusion policy,  and remain in weekly contact with OCFS regarding the measures we employ. As the crisis develops, we adjust our policies accordingly.  Finally, additional Fire and Safety Drills and Shelter-in-Place drills are conducted each time a new students registers.

We can offer you a virtual tour to discuss your needs before an on-site tour is conducted. 


If you are an essential worker in need of childcare, the CARES ACT has a Childcare Scholarship available.  This scholarship is income based and will be paid directly to the provider you choose.  It currently covers dates of care from April 20-May 15, but could be extended as the crisis continues to develop. 

Essential Order 202.16


At this time, children are not required or suggested to wear face masks. It is actually harmful for children younger than 2 to wear face coverings of any kind, and is therefore not permitted by licensing.

The Essential Order from the Governor requires the business owner to provide facemarks for employees and to come up with a plan for interacting with the public.  

Children are not considered "public". Therefore, An Apple A Daycare NY, Inc. will not wear masks when interacting with children in care.  Parents are asked to social distance when interacting with staff, and staff is welcome to wear masks when interacting with the parents.