We take 10 Federal Holidays and 10 Personal Days annually.  

We do not follow district school schedule, and are available to take school aged siblings during breaks and weather events. 

While we are are open for the summer, we may have a reduced schedule based on contract needs of our families. 

September 2019 - August 2020 Calendar & Appendix (pdf)


September 2018 - August 2019 Calendar & Appendix (pdf)


Individualized Health Care plan

This document is only for children with a special need. 

Please fill this out and return if your child has the following:

  • known allergies (food and/or environmental)
  • asthma (requiring use of nebulizer or an emergency inhaler pump with or without spacer)
  • need of an Epipen

*At this time, we are not "MAT-Certified". We are not permitted to  accept registration for children with any medical concern requiring medication or additional interventions beyond asthma and epi-pen use (ie: insulin, daily medications, etc). Additionally, our facility is not set up for children who may require wheelchairs/walkers.

**While it's not required, we would appreciate this form filled out with a copy of an IEP/504, should your child have one.