Michele A. Kessler

Mrs. Michele has a Masters in Education with a dual concentration in Music Education, and Literacy.  She holds additional certification in Orff-Schulwerk (the "Montessori" of music education). She worked as a Teacher, Administrator and Mentor for well over a decade before becoming the owner of An Apple A Daycare NY, Inc. Her teaching experience has been expansive, from Pre-Kindergarten through College, with experience in specialized schools for non-traditional learners. 

Mrs. Michele's business experience pre-dates her college graduation.  While still in High School, she opened her first successful business- a private music lesson service. From there she went on to be an administrator and/or partners in 3 other service companies before dedicating her time to public school teaching full time. One company included a daycare, Sunshine Daycare in Plainview. She knew then that she wanted to return to early education, in one form or another. 


Mrs. Michele and her husband moved their family to Bayport in 2015 with the express desire to own and operate an in-home daycare/preschool. They are the proud parents to one daughter, and one kitty.


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